24 Pull Requests 2013

This year, over the 24 days in December leading up to Christmas, 1576 developers submitted 7167 pull requests to 3103 different open source projects as part »

Hacking Lego Mindstorms EV3 with JavaScript

Last week I presented at Full Frontal about Hardware hacking with JavaScript, the one section that really seemed to strike a cord with the developers in »

Emulating the Node.js module system in Ruby

One of my favourite features of Node.js is the Module system. var arDrone = require('ar-drone'); var client = arDrone.createClient(); client.takeoff(); There are a few »

The Great British Node Conf

On last week, together with Oli Evans, Nuno Job and Mauro Pompilio, I put on my first ever conference, The Great British Node Conference. The aim »