24 Pull Requests 2013

This year, over the 24 days in December leading up to Christmas, 1576 developers submitted 7167 pull requests to 3103 different open source projects as part of 24 Pull Requests »

Hacking Lego Mindstorms EV3 with JavaScript

Last week I presented at Full Frontal about Hardware hacking with JavaScript, the one section that really seemed to strike a cord with the developers in the audience was controlling »

Emulating the Node.js module system in Ruby

One of my favourite features of Node.js is the Module system. var arDrone = require('ar-drone'); var client = arDrone.createClient(); client.takeoff(); There are a few differences in how require »

The Great British Node Conf

On last week, together with Oli Evans, Nuno Job and Mauro Pompilio, I put on my first ever conference, The Great British Node Conference. The aim of the conference was »