The campfires are burning

New music from Orbit Service, Elias Rønnenfelt, Joanne Robertson and Dean Blunt, Previous Industries, and more

The campfires are burning
“Zayre,” Previous Industries [Bandcamp]

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Somehow it got to be summer, and it feels like that had a lot to do with the music I listened to this week. It’s a peculiar sort of summer sound, and whatever could be the furthest away from a hot jam of the summer. But still, in a lot of these songs I felt a heat—in some, a desert heat that turns crispy when the sun goes down; in others, the careless, sensual heat of sudden trips and late nights.

“Blister,” Parallel

Spare, melodic post-punk with—and this doesn’t come along every day—some gorgeous background and lead vocal arrangements, delicately balancing the half full and half empty.

Blister, by Parallel
from the album Flooded

“i’m not supposed to be here,” orbit service

Space-y desert goth from two Legendary Pink Dots. The whispered vocals and the way that guitar cuts through the ether—really beautiful, really haunted.

i’m not supposed to be here, by orbit service
from the album i’m not supposed to be here

“Like Lovers Do,” Elias Rønnenfelt

The first solo work—under his own name, that is—from the iceage vocalist, whose rootsy, folky take here feels like it’s right on the verge of going completely off the rails.

Like Lovers Do, by Elias Rønnenfelt
track by Elias Rønnenfelt

“I Guess I Got My Answer,” Nourished by Time

Marcus Brown continues his flawless run of new music with this introspective track for the upcoming Scenic Route label compilation, and it hit me like a right hook tsch tsch to the head.

Nourished By Time - I Guess I Got My Answer, by Scenic Route
from the album Scenic Route - Road Less Travelled Vol​.​2

“SASSY 2,” Joanne Robertson, Dean Blunt

A minute-and-a-half of subdued pathos. A little chaotic, very beautiful, the sound of trying to keep it together.

“Ah Yeh,” Beak>

Steady and hypnotic, I practically ended up in a fugue state while listening to this one. Despite the Portishead pedigree—which should be enough!—I’ve never quite clicked with Beak before, but this song may have just changed that.

Ah Yeh, by BEAK>
from the album >>>>

“Zayre,” Previous Industries

“Many of our songs are named after retail outlets that failed. When you have time, watch the commercials for Zayre and know that it was a real place where people bought action figures and pants.” That’s how Previous Industries (Open Mike Eagle, STILL RIFT, Video Dave) introduced this track from their upcoming debut album, the cover of which looks like it’s out of the Backrooms. So yeah, it’s perfect.

Zayre, by Previous Industries
from the album Service Merchandise

“Still Searching,” Addictionproblem

A wandering, ambient house track that’s beautiful, soothing, and going nowhere slow.

Still Searching, by Addictionproblem
from the album RECYCLED (album)

“Escher Dreamlike,” Bergsonist

What an eerie track this is, and honestly the title says it all here.

Escher Dreamlike, by Bergsonist
from the album As If Reality

“No More Sorry,” Liturgy

Years after Deafheaven, here’s more concrete evidence of the natural intersection between black metal and shoegaze with this My Bloody Valentine cover that lets loose the fury that boiled inside the original song.

No More Sorry, by Liturgy
from the album Immortal Life II

“Twice (Too) Long (To) Brake,” Experimental Music Summer Camp

This one is one of 39 tracks that were recorded over a five-day artistic retreat in the Catskills, led by Christopher Bono (Ghost Against Ghost, Nous) along with a cast of characters—including members of Swans, which gives a sense of the feel here.

Twice (Too) Long (To) Brake, by Experimental Music Summer Camp
from the album Volume 1: Welcome Campers!

“Surfers on Acid,” Trabants

Similar to how Pink Floyd’s “Lucifer Sam” twists up a spy movie theme, but with surf rock—and again, that is an extremely descriptive song title.

Surfers on Acid, by Trabants
from the album Mantra